Can You Feel The Love Tonight

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Today my R Resources page was the link de jour over at The Revolutions blog. So if you came here from there, welcome. And don’t touch anything here, I haven’t dusted in a while.

If you’re an R geek (stop trying to look innocent, I can see that you are) then you may find my post about producing the Mandelbrot Set in R amusing.I would also like to hear your input in my continuing quest to get a database engine to handle files larger than memory can hold.

If you are going to attend the R/Finance meeting in Chicago, please let me know. I’ll buy you a beer. Actually I’ll let my company buy you a beer. I’m cheap, but I have an expense account which makes me a good date.

I’d like to thank David at Revolutions for linking to me even though I regularly and blatantly ignore his blog posting guidelines about profanity, typing when drunk, and generally being unprofessional.  As a side note, my wife read his blog post linking to me and is chiding me that his “bottoms up” comment is full of gay innuendo. I don’t know what innuendo is, but I do know what gay is. And that’s not me. One little gay pr0n starring role does not a homosexual make. It does, however, make beer money.



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