Chicago R Meetup: Healthier than Drinking Alone

I’m kinda blown away by the number of folks who have joined the Chicago R User Group (RUG) in the last few weeks. As of this morning we have 65 people signed up for the group and 25 who have said that they are planning on attending the meetup this Thursday (yes, only 3 days away!) I’m very pleased that this many people in Chicago find the R language interesting and/or valuable. Of course, there is the possibility that some of the 25 who are attending are simply hoping for some free beer. I was a member of a vegan society for 2 years because they had free beer. The week I accidentally showed up with a six pack of White Castle sliders really blew my cover. That’s how I discovered that you can scare off angry vegans by waving a steaming hot onion covered meat-like patty in their face. True story. And when I say “true story” I mean “total lie”.

By the way, I’m already recruiting presenters for next month’s RUG meetup. And I’m also looking for locations. So if you have an idea for either, let me know. I promise to not throw any mini burgers at you.


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