About JD Long and this site

Hey, y’all. I’m JD Long the Masticator in Residence at CerebralMastication.com. This is a dumping grounds for my thoughts and pontification on analytics, data, data science, risk analytics, and miscellany.

What’s my background? Well my career arc is captured over on my LinkedIn profile. And I do a bit of public speaking so I’ve left some artifacts around over the years:

DataFramed Podcast

My friend, Hugo Bowne-Anderson, graciously invited me to speak with him on the DataFramed podcast from DataCamp. We discussed my background with risk, insurance, and why you should “plot your damn data!” Hugo was a great interviewer and much fun to chat with:

Intro to dplyr

In the Spring of 2018 I presented an intro to the R package dplyr at the NYC Open Data Science Group hosted by Google: Intro to dplyr presented at Google NYC

History of the [r] tag on Stack Overflow

In March 2017 I was a guest on the rOpenSci Community Call where I presented “The History of the [r] tag on Stack Overflow.” Which tells the story of how a number of people organized to populate Stack Overflow with R questions and answers.

Empathy as a Technical Skill

In May 2017 I shared some thoughts about how empathy with the audience for (and subjects of) our analysis can make us better data scientists.

That R in Finance lightning talk that rhymed

There are rumors circulating that in 2011 I gave a presentation at the R in Finance conference in Chicago where my entire presentation was in Dr. Seuss style rhyme. Those rumors are true:

Have questions or suggestions? Yell at me on Twitter. The source code for this blog is all availiable on my Github Account. I’m using Hugo with Blogdown hosted by Netlify, so when I change the contents of the Github repo, the site is rebuilt by Netlify using the latest source from Github. It’s an amazing workflow and if you do websites and use R, it’s hard to beat the Hugo/Blogdown/Netlify combination.