Teens and the Internet...

Given that I have a small version of myself running around my house, I think about how she’ll use the Internet when she gets older. Just the other day she, “Asked Google something” which made me realize that, although she’s just barely literate, my kid is going to “be online” for the rest of her life. Although I’m not really sure what “be online” will mean for her over the years.

Tolstoy Dichotomy, Part Two

[caption id=“” align=“alignleft” width=“120” caption=“Tatiana Samoilova as Anna-bobanna”][/caption] So back in March, 2009 I blogged about a phenomenon I called the Anna Karenina Yield Anomaly. In short, I postulated that in the production of crops the idea of a national ‘good year’ pretty much means everyone had a good yield and a national ‘bad year’ meant that some had an OK year and some were having a terrible year. And thus I made myself seem more literate than I am by linking that phenomenon back to Tolstoy and his line “All happy families are happy in the same way.

'Sully' Sullenberger voice recordings

We’ve all heard all the stories about how ‘Sully’ Sullenberger has to go through a special line at the airport because his large brass balls always set off the metal detectors. Well. It’s true, and here’s proof: Ever since Sept 15th, 2008 I have had a bit of a fetish with studying accident theory (that’s when our financial system started its current free fall). One of the best books I have read on how big studs like Sully make decisions is the book Sources of Power by Gary Klein.