Give Away Something Then Sell Something

[caption id=“attachment_775” align=“alignleft” width=“250” caption=“Radiant Heat System. Not in my house… yet! “][/caption] My wife and I bought a foreclosed house a few months ago. This house had been part of mortgage fraud and we bought it at auction. Interesting life experience, to say the least. The finished basement was built with radiant heat tubing poured into the concrete. These pipes are designed to be hooked to a hot water heater so the warm water can provide radiant heat through the floors in the basement.

Open Source Banking

As an economist who has a fascination with open source software, I found this article in Wired about microfinance lending for open source hardware totally engaging. Regulatory issues are clearly an issue for these guys. From the article: Zopa's Pitts agrees that the Open Source Hardware Bank needs to figure out how to navigate through the financial rules of the U.S. market. "These guys do not have a regulatory strategy and they need one,"