Struggling with apply() in R

It’s common knowledge that I struggle wrapping my head around the apply functions in R. That is illustrated very clearly in the following discussion on Stack Overflow: Dirk’s comment is actually spot on. I’ve asked the same damn question at least 4-5 times. Only I didn’t really understand it was the same question. That’s one of the problems of not really being good at something; it’s hard to think abstractly about it.

A Fast Intro to PLYR for R

I’m not dead yet! Although it has been rumored that I am. The new job is going great and I’m thrilled to be with a new firm doing interesting work alongside smart people. It makes me seem smarter by simple association. There’s been a lot going on recently in the R user community. There was anR flash mob of Stack Overflow which resulted in a noticeable increase in the number of R questions and answers in SO.