Dataiku Meetup 2019-01-23

Tonight I’m presenting at the Dataiku Analytics and Data Science Meetup. My presentation is an adaptation of what I presented at RStudio::conf(2019) but with an emphasis towards a non-R audience. The slides are here. I have about 5-10 min more time at Dataiku than I had at RStudio::conf so I added a few slides showing off R Markdown and data exchange between R and Python. I thought those might be interesting and new to a non-R focused audience.

Slides from rstudio::conf 2019

I had amazingly positive feedback from my presentation on “Empathy in Action” today at rstudio::conf in Austin. My main focus was emphasizing that most business users don’t want to learn to code. They just want to kick ass. And coding can be a means to that end. While I’d like to think the response was because of my fantastic choice of GIFs illustrating what analysts do for a living: