Missing Unicode Greek Characters in Bookdown LaTeX

I spent this morning fighting with Bookdown. I was going through reviewer notes for the R Cookbook 2nd Edition and my coauthor, Paul Teetor, had noted that some of the greek symbols we were using were not showing up in the text when the book was rendered to PDF. Oddly, it looked fine in HTML. This turned out to be a font issue. I was using XeLeTeX as my \(\LaTeX\) engine specifically because it handles UTF-8 unicode well.

Seed Picking - Like P Hacking only More Random

I’m working with Paul Teetor and O’Reilly Media to complete the 2nd Edition of the R Cookbook. We’re in the editing phase so we’re cutting things left and right. This seed picking example is one of the things that got cut. But I found it amusing so thought I would share it here. –JD Recently I was trying to illustrate random number generation and confidence intervals. In particular, I wanted to show that sometimes by chance our confidence bands don’t contain the true value of a parameter.