Using Python sympy in a Python code chunk in RMarkdown

I was recently asked about using sympy in Python to print \(LaTeX\) formulas in RMarkdown notebooks. I misunderstood the question at first but after some thought I realized that I didn’t know if it would work… but I should try it. Yes, printing elements of a matrix. So it's due to the prog languages' differences ( R vs Python), not rmarkdown vs Jupyter Notebook? pic.twitter.com/Any4qIDHS7 — Eyayaw T. Beze (@EyayawBeze) July 25, 2020 I knew that I could run Python chunks in an RMarkdown notebook.

Publishing Bookdown to Netlify (automagically)

I didn’t realize this until today, but Netlify isn’t just a great place to host Hugo based blogs (like this one), but it’s also a great place to host Bookdown based book content. Like many R Bloggers, I like to use Blogdown to publish blog posts. But as Paul Teetor and I got near completion of R Cookbook 2nd Edition, I began to give some thought to where I would host the online version of the book.