Sql Server

Connecting to SQL Server from R using RJDBC

A few months ago I switched my laptop from Windows to Ubuntu Linux. I had been connecting to my corporate SQL Server database using RODBC on Windows so I attempted to get ODBC connectivity up and running on Ubuntu. ODBC on Ubuntu turned into an exercise in futility. I spent many hours over many days and never was able to connect from R on Ubuntu to my corp SQL Server.

More on Databases for Analytics

Lately I have been struggling for what type of database to use for my analytics work. SQL Server is a really good database but I always get the feeling it wasbuilt for stuff other than what I want to do with it. I keep feeling like I am digging post holes with a spade and I keep thinking, “there should be a tool that does this better.” Yesterday I was listening to the IT Conversations Podcast and heard a presentation given by Michael Stonebraker from the Money:Tech conference.

Choosing an SQL Engine for Analytics

I’ve been struggling for a while on which database to use for my working data. I used to use MS Access quite a lot. The problems with MS Access include but are not limited to: * 2 GB file size limit, at least historically * Versions change with each edition of MS Office * Sort of tough to write SQL scripts * Very little automation, ie compression, backup, etc. * Windows only I used Oracle for a few years as a result of my previous employer being an Oracle shop.