Who's Tweets Do I Read... Magic R Code Says...

So one glace at my user logs shows the truth: no one gives a rat’s rump thatI just quit my job; you just love you some Twitter R code. And I’m nothing but an attention whore, so come get some! So in mylast ‘Twitter with R’ post I gave you some code I’d written ripped off that allowed you to update your status from R. That’s kinda cool, but really just for annoying your friends, tweeting when your code is finished running or, as Eva pointed out in the comments, maybe Tweeting the outcome of a routine.

Twitter from R... Sure, why not!

So I have started following the #RStats tag in twitter. Prior to a week ago I had never Twitterbated so I thought I would give it a go since I am not one to shy away from new technology… much. I think of Twitter like a call in radio show where I get to cut off callers when they annoy me. Well one of the interesting things I ran across was this tweet that pointed to this page about posting tweets from R.