Commerce Thursday

In keeping with my hit or miss tradition of recommending crap that you should buy, here’s my next installment of Commerce Thursday… roll the theme music.

The first two items are software. At some point in the future I’ll do an in depth discussion on how my use of multiple monitors makes me happy, if not more productive. In the meantime, here are two multi-monitor pieces of software that are NOT open source or free but you should go spend your hard earned dollars on them.

  1. [MaxiVista ]( do you have two computers and wish you could use them like dual monitors on one computer? Maybe do a little remote control of one desktop using the other keyboard and mouse? If so, use MaxiVista.
  2. [UltraMon ]( If you're running multiple monitors, either through MaxiVista or without, you need UltraMon. UM helps you manage desktops images, have a toolbar on each monitor, send windows from one desktop to another, etc. Blah blah blah buy it. Trust me. I have multiple degrees and a white lab coat.

I’d get off my lazy duff and do a screencast or movie or something, but MaxiVista already did a YouTube video. Good for them!

They really should give me a kickback. I bet I’ll drive ones and ones of buyers to their site. Hey, I loved them both so much I bought the companies blogged about them.

In my opinion if you run MaxiVista you really need UltraMon as well. This is especially true if you run 3 monitors. With MaxiVista and 3 monitors I have noticed that when the screen saver kicks on, the monitor settings tend to get messed up. I find myself having to go into Windows video setup and move the relative position of the monitors around. UltraMon does a pretty good job of making sure that icons don’t run away, settings don’t change, and generally things behave right. About once every few days I find myself having to restart MaxiVista, but before UltraMon I had to restart MaxiVista 3-4 times a day.

And last, but not least, da beer. You seeing a trend here? Two data points makes a trend for me!

[caption id=”” align="alignnone” width="136” caption="Trader Joe’s 2008 Vintage Ale - Picture from Flickr”]Trader Joes 2008 Vintage Ale - Picture from Flickr [/caption]

Yet another beer from Trader Joe’s. The 2008 TJ’s Vintage Ale brewed by Unibroue.  FWIW, Unibroue has always had my admiration for best brewery name. I always picture a Belgian guy with a single heavy eyebrow across his forehead and a mustache laced with beer foam.

I liked this beer so much I bought a case! I now call TJ’s ‘the liquor store that sells groceries’ at least I think they sell groceries. I’m generally filling boxes with wine and beer.


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