Kicking Ass with plyr

Tonight (October 29, 2009) at 5:30 PM is the Chicago R meetup at Jaks tap. Here’s more info.  I’ll be making a presentation based on my earlier blog post about plyr. The presentation will only be 8 minutes long so I’ve had to pick and choose my info carefully. OK, who am I kidding? I had a couple of Schlitz (in a bottle!) for lunch over at Boni Vinos and slammed some slides together rather haphazardly. At any rate, here’s the presentation. I owe special thanks to all the folks in Twitter who reviewed these slides this week. A special shout out to @kenahoo who caught my one code typo! And also to @hadleywickham (author of plyr) who made some good suggestions, some of which I heeded. As a professor he should consider 15% application of his information to be a phenomenally high rate.

Click the graphic to download the slides as a PDF:


If you’re wondering what my favorite beer is, I’ll give you a secret. My favorite beer is #3. That’s the one that makes me a persuasive and articulate public speaker. #4 makes me dance well.

I hope to see you tonight.


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